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W Ketchup™ Bids Farewell on this Fourth of July

July 4, 2015

W Ketchup™ Demands to Know Why Clinton has not been Arrested

March 22, 2015

W Ketchup™ Demands the Arrest of Hillary Clinton

March 11, 2015

W Ketchup™ Calls for Unity Against Islamic Terror

January 09, 2015

W Ketchup™ Exposes Treasury Secretary's Illegal Acts

September 25, 2014

W Ketchup™ Condemns Demagogic Violation of Law

April 24, 2014

W Ketchup™ Denounces Obama's Foreign Policy

March 24, 2014

W Ketchup™ Challenges Governor Cuomo

January 30, 2014

W Ketchup™ Warns Against Depraved Leftist Intellectuals

October 30, 2013

W Ketchup™ takes issue with Senator Paul

October 1, 2013

W Ketchup™ Condemns Obama for Lauding a Murderous Tyrant

August 1, 2013

W Ketchup™ Calls for the Restoration of Liberty

June 25, 2013

W Ketchup™ Declares its Independence

February 22, 2013

W Ketchup™ Urges its Customers to Vote

November 6, 2012

W Ketchup™ Endorses Mitt Romney for President

October 24, 2012

W Ketchup™ Celebrates the Fourth of July

July 4, 2012

W Ketchup™ Responds to Mr. Obama

March 14, 2012

W Ketchup™ Endorses Ron Paul for President

January 17, 2012

W Ketchup™ reaffirms Commitment to American Cuisine

December 12, 2011

W Ketchup™ Calls on Congress to Release Students from Debt Bondage

September 28, 2011

W Ketchup™ Applauds the Tea Party’s Efforts to Slay the Leviathan

August 1, 2011

W Ketchup Prices to Rise after Independence Day

June 20, 2011

W Ketchup Calls on Congress to Restrain the TSA

November 22, 2010

W Ketchup Calls on Congress to Impeach Obama

October 25, 2010

W Ketchup Calls on Americans to Replace Congress

October 4, 2010

W Ketchup Demands the Senate Reject the Nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

August 3, 2010

W Ketchup Calls on Kerry to Resign

July 28, 2010

W Ketchup Urges Americans to Defeat Obamacare by Buying Gold

April 27, 2010

W Ketchup Dreams of a White Christmas

December 17, 2009

W Ketchup Sides with Reagan against ObamaCare

October 27, 2009

W Ketchup Demands the Senate Vote Against Sotomayor

July 17, 2009

W Ketchup Urges Americans to Protect Themselves from the Greatest Theft in History

March 17, 2009

W Ketchup Proposes Constitutional Amendment to Resist Aristocracy and Nepotism

January 15, 2009

W Ketchup Calls on the Military to Keep America Safe During Obama’s Administration

November 25, 2008

W Ketchup Exhorts Americans to Defend the Constitution

October 27, 2010

W Ketchup Calls on Obama to Release his Personal Records

October 16, 2008

W Ketchup Demands Obama Return Fannie Mae Contributions

October 7, 2008

W Ketchup Endorses Edward O’Reilly in his Primary Battle Against John Kerry

August 1, 2008

The Queen, my Lord, is Dead (Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5, Line 19)

June 9, 2008

W Ketchup Celebrates the Life of WFB

February 27, 2008

W Ketchup Toasts French President Sarkozy this Veterans Day

November 11, 2007

All the Propaganda That’s Unfit to Print

September 15, 2007

Democrats Vow to Meet America’s Enemies

July 26, 2007

W Ketchup Calls on Congress to Reject the Immigration Bill

June 21, 2007

W Ketchup Rejects Sen. Clinton’s Call for Socialism

June 4, 2007

Democrat Corruption Thickens with Accusations against Senator Feinstein

May 15, 2007

W Ketchup Calls for Investigation of Speaker Pelosi

April 9, 2007

Venezuelan Strongman Chooses Revolution Over ABC Correspondent

March 19, 2007

Al Gore Exhales Hot Air at Oscars

March 1, 2007

Pelosi’s Demand for Aircraft Shot Down

February 9, 2007

Democrats’ First Week: Hooked on Corruption

January 16, 2007

John Kerry Visits America’s Enemies for Christmas

December 14, 2006

W Ketchup Salutes Our Troops and Our Veterans on Veterans Day

November 11, 2006

W Ketchup Congratulates Nancy Pelosi

November 10, 2006

W Ketchup Condemns Kerry’s Remarks

November 1, 2006

W Ketchup Endorses Republicans for Congress

October 30, 2006

W Ketchup Announces the Release of Organic W Ketchup

October 26, 2006

CBS Correspondent Disparages American Freedom

August 14, 2006

W Ketchup Sends Ketchup to Kerry

August 3, 2006

Heinz Spoils for a Fight

July 18, 2006

Heinz Results Sour

June 2, 2006

W Ketchup Donates Ketchup to the Minuteman Project

May 1, 2006

W Ketchup Exhorts Bush to Stand Firm against Iran

April 18, 2006

W Ketchup Withdraws All Google Ads

February 16, 2006

W Ketchup Congratulates Bush for Appointing Alito to the Supreme Court

January 31, 2006

W Ketchup Hails Bush for Appointing Roberts to the Supreme Court

September 29, 2005

W Ketchup Sells 250,000 Bottles

January 12, 2005

Dan Rivers Releases The W Ketchup Song

November 11, 2004

W Ketchup Officially Denounced

September 24, 2004

W Ketchup Sells 100,000 Bottles

August 29, 2004

W Ketchup Donates Ketchup to the New Hampshire National Guard

July 27, 2004

W Ketchup Gives First Donation to Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

July 26, 2004

W Ketchup™ Launches with Full Page Ad in National Review

June 11, 2004

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