A teen age relative of my son's wife was overheard at a family gathering in Michigan, saying to the hostess: "You're serving Heinz Ketchup??!! No one should eat that!"  You guys at W keep up the good work.
T.E., CO

Thanks!  I love the news letter.  My son (he's 10) will only eat W ketchup.  He even takes it into restaurants because he refuses to eat Heinz, and that's the most popular brand in our area. Keep up the good work!
— L.B., NE

I just wanted to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed your ketchup.  We bought a case of it when you first began making it two years ago.  We gave some bottles away as gifts, and the recipients have commented on how good it is. I’m glad that your company is still around and selling ketchup! When we are ready to re-order, I’d be very sad if we were stuck with only the grocery store brands  they aren’t nearly as good.
— S.G., TX

Why wouldn't everyone want to buy W!!  I buy it by the case and even my hesitant, with their  hands out, Demo friends love it......once they knew where the donations went.  Besides I give it to them free of charge because I support the objective. They first accepted it laughingly but now it is a big Thanks.  My 6 yr old grandson says, " No Way" to Hunts which I switched to over Heinz for obvious reasons.  Now you have a returning again and again buyer because, "the kid likes it the best!"  but mostly because of the donations that you make.  Keep up the good work and the Made in America product.  Thanks!
— P.B., TX

When I first saw a bottle of W Ketchup in our little town, I decided to order two cases!!  We love it... So many of the restaurants have Heinz... I will NOT use it... so.. thanks to you I have a nice pretty bottle of wonderful ketchup to take with me.  I don't make a scene, don't ever say a word, but I will ever so gently lay the Heinz bottle over, and pull out my W... !!

One day at Chili's our waiter walked back and forth in front of our table three times, then stopped and asked if we needed some ketchup... Told him "no, thank you... brought my own"...  LOL... He started laughing and said that he was wondering where that neat looking bottle had come from, as he hadn't seen any like it there before...

No one has ever said anything mean or ugly to me about it, but I have had lots of good comments about it... It is a very attractive bottle, and it tastes wonderful... made in the USA, and most importantly I love that the proceeds go to the soldiers children...  Not a reason in the world NOT to buy it.. I thank you for making such a great product and the labeling is superb.  I am fixing to order some more, but wanted to share this with you.
— V.W., TX

My nephew is in the Air Force and he told me that your company makes a donation of some of your profits to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund so I am a new and committed customer.  I have refused to buy Heinz products since 2002 and have been looking for an alternative supplier since then.  Thanks for being there and all that you do to support our troops.
K.K., NY

Our family uses only W Ketchup--my last order was for 2 cases.  That's a bit much for my two teenagers to use in a reasonable amount of time so I brought a couple bottles to the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX where I volunteer every Saturday.  I also included some in the care packages I send to some troops in Baghdad and to a combat support hospital in Tikrit.   Keep up the good work!
K.S., CA

Even though many gave me guff about it, I gave up Ketchup when Kerry started to run.  And I have not had any since then.  My husband, a Ketchup user, and Sailor in the US NAVY, who defends the rights of those liberal nut jobs, jokes me, even though he agrees with my political views.  I have to joke back, telling him I would have some "freedom fries" when he could find some good ol' REPUBLICAN ketchup.
Two seconds on the web and BOOM!  The solution to what was seen as a ridiculous ultimatum.  I have now ordered W Ketchup!  Can't wait to taste it!
E.R.A, CA6

We have been using W Ketchup since 2004 when I switched to Hunt's then found yours which is superior to all competitors. Not only is W superior to Heinz, but I despise Theresa Heinz-Kerry, and would do nothing to support her or her causes.
This presents a problem when dining out. Usually all you find in restaurants and hamburger stands is Kerry Ketchup. I generally go without ketchup in these cases, which could be considered suffering for the cause.
S.S., NY

I love your ketchup and have sent bottles to my friends and family.  It galls me to have to buy French’s mustard (also a Heinz product).  Are there any plans to produce W Mustard?
J.L., TX

My child won't eat Heinz ketchup, his favorite Christmas gift this year (after the 1878 $2.50 gold coin he received) was the case of W Ketchup Santa brought him.  Trouble is, in almost all of the restaurants in Omaha NE, they only serve Heinz.  To get him to go to restaurants for anything other than pancakes, we have to carry bottles in the glove compartment to bring in the restaurants.
L.B., NE

I'VE HAD ENOUGH!  All I hear everytime we go shopping, "what about the W Ketchup?"  Each time I bought anything else my husband moaned that W Ketchup tasted better and I must order online.  I have tried every excuse in the book but I now have finally given up after 2 months of his nagging.  What really gets me is paying postal charges.  Why the hell can you not sell the stuff at Target, Walmart or Krogers - in TEXAS?

The other problem is that every time we have your ketchup my dearest husband takes it with him to all our friends when we visit, and I would much rather that they got it at the local supermarket, it would be cheaper on my pocket. I do count the pennies no doubt.
My husband says it is cheaper to take a bottle of rare ketchup than a bottle of wine or a six pack.  I suppose he is right as usual.  This time I have ordered a case!
T.L., TX

I am in Afghanistan and want to know if you can send it here?  My team thinks it is hilarious and we definitely need some good ketchup here.  All we get is some nasty brand that doesn’t even taste like ketchup.  I hate buying Heinz and supporting those people.  So I would love not having to buy theirs.  Let me know.  God Bless.

After receiving my order of W Ketchup I was truly surprised with its great taste. No more Heinz for me(after using it most of my 55 years). I am a very loyal and particular Ketchup user.

I only wish W Ketchup was more economically available to a single user. Wish it was available at Wal Mart, Sams or similar type store
R.W., LA


Having tasted your ketchup, my life has changed. I use it of course on meat and potatoes. But such is my addiction to it that I began the other day to use it on watermelon. You cannot imagine the taste! Tonight I will scrape away the caviar, as that dilutes the taste of W Ketchup. With all good wishes,
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Your Ketchup TASTES BETTER THAN HEINZ !!!   I ORDERED A CASE a year ago, and have even given some away!  my wife was sceptical until she tasted it.  being from Tennessee, she loved it!!  When we run out, we'll order again.... Heinz can stick it!!
M.D., CO

You need to get the W Ketchup out on the market so people can buy it. Every time I go to a restaurant and see Heinz Ketchup on the table I want to boil - people do NOT know about W Ketchup.  Get it out in the stores and restaurants and it will sell.

Personally, I love it.  I will NEVER buy another bottle of Heinz. We bought it by the cases in 2004 and I did not know we could still get it. Everyone I knew that saw it wanted a bottle.
— F.M.

When I first bought your ketchup it was a novelty.  It is good, if not better than Heinz.  Now when my case is finished it will be the only ketchup I buy.
— J.S., NY

I have ordered from you in the past, and I have finally gone through all four bottles. I have to say, it is the best ketchup I've had! It was tomatoey (excuse the spelling), and not vinegary like Heinz. It was such a perfect balance, it did not seperate...and it was by far just darn perfect!

You folks are awesome.  Please keep up the great work.  I love your ketchup!  I share it with everyone I know.
R.N., MI

I just ordered a case of  your ketchup and I think you are awesome!!  I still refuse to buy any Heinz products and will never give their organization a dime.  My family thanks you and your bottle will be proudly displayed to show that we support this wonderful country.  God Bless You.
L.W., PA

Thank you for continuing your crusade to help this country safe and strong.  We continue to support W Ketchup, and appreciate the ideals which brought it about. It really is better than Heinz, or any other brand, and we sincerely hope you will continue to produce it.
B.H., TX

I am very  impressed with your company and beliefs. I am a soon to be retired 911 radio dispatcher, that would like to see every restaurant in California using your Ketchup .. Not only because its good , but because the message you bring.
T.F., CA

I've been buying your ketchup since you started selling it.  I enjoy its flavor.  The problem I have is that it isn’t on the shelves here in Texas.  I give away as many as I can but because all other catsups are easy access; my friends won't go thru the trouble of going on line to but them. Please get your product out!
R.L., TX

I originally bought W Ketchup as a protest against Heinz products.  While I still refuse to buy anything made by Heinz, I wanted to let you know that your ketchup is the BEST I have ever tasted.  Thank you for your marvelous product.
B.N., CA

I ordered a case and still have several bottles of W.ketchup, but you can be sure, I will never buy another bottle of Heinz ketchup, even though it was my Dad's favorite!  I'm sure he'd approve of my switch.  Keep up the good work---I give the ketchup away as thank you gifts, etc., .... I'll order more soon when I have room in my cupboard!
S.M., CA

Thank you for taking a stand and speaking up for all of us.  We love your W Ketchup, and only serve your brand.  It is available in stores yet?
J.A., OR

We truly enjoy your ketchup. Threw all of the Heinz junk out...amazing how much better yours is. Wonderful flavor and consistency. Will reorder when we are out of our supply.
L.D., OR

Let me start by saying  that I think W Ketchup is a first class outfit... you have a first  class product as well! I first became a "W" customer a year and a  half ago. That was when my wife and I decided that we'd never buy  another bottle of Heinz... need I say any more? I buy your ketchup by  the case and have given much of it away to friends and family, urging  them to make the same change that we made. I also appreciate the  effort that you're making to support our troops and this great  country of ours.
E.H., CT

God Bless your Company.  I have and will only purchase your Ketchup just because of your moral standing in our business world and our USA.  Every bottle I put out, and give away, is a wonderful conversation item.  Thanks for being there.
J.B., NC

Finally, a socially responsible brand of Ketchup has come to the market!  Every time I was forced to eat Heinz brand, to digest that vile paste, I wished for an alternative. I think that it's a really good thing you are doing for those kids. To lose a parent to a war would be a loss no one should have to suffer through. Thanks again.
N.D., WA

Name aside and based solely on taste alone, I find your Ketchup to have superior flavor to others. I grew up in Pa, and now live in Taxachusetts. I first bought your Ketchup because of seeing how nasty Teresa Heinz was during the campaign. It was her attitude that made me buy your Ketchup, although I never liked Heinz even before knowing anything about her.  At least you have the guts to stand up and say, we will not play both sides, we will support who we believe most reflect our beliefs, and take your chances. Nice to deal with a moral company, and not one who plays the angles.
M.K., MA

Keep up the good works.  I can't tell you how much I love your ketchup and more importantly that you stand up for what you believe.  Such a rarity in today's world.  A company that has standards and doesn't deviate for the almighty dollar.  Thank you.
S.T., OH

GO W KETCHUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are in my prayers.  I'm proud to be associated with a company who will stand for what is right against all costs.  Thank you.
B.M., IL

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