On the Left

You're not only tasteless, you a##holes are stupid!
— W.C.

Thank you for your response to our product. We at W Ketchup strive to respond to all comments. In taste-tests, we actually found that, far from being tasteless, W Ketchup tasted better than 5 leading brands. As to our intelligence, we don't claim to be intellectuals, merely businessmen eager to fill the demand for an alternative, apolitical ketchup that reflects an America we can all agree on. That is why the only organization we support is a college fund for the children of our soldiers killed in action, something we can all agree on whether we support the current war or not. We hope you will order and enjoy our product.

Hey smart guys: A.J. Heinz Co. gives a ton of money to the GOP. Guess how much they give to the Democrats? Here's a hint: it's about the same as the likelihood of George Bush getting into Yale without the affirmative action of legacy admission. That would be zero. Think I'm joking? Check it out. F*** you,
— C.C., Durham, NC

Thank you for your feedback. According to the article you cite, in the past 6 years Heinz gave $64,000 to GOP candidates, triple the amount they gave to Democrats, which would then be $21,300 to Democrats. Heinz gave $5,000 to Bush, but also gave $5,000 to the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Those flip flops actually remind us of Kerry. Of course, most big businesses try to play both sides of the aisle, greasing the wheels in Washington with their contributions. We are not a big company and, unlike Heinz, we don't give any money to Democrats.

There is also the fact that Teresa Heinz controls "only" 4% of Heinz. Well, that's worth about $500 million, plenty of money to send John Kerry's French hairdresser to him in the "Flying Squirrel," their private Gulfstream V jet and, of course, to fund his campaign.

We don't begrudge Teresa Heinz her money, we just think people should have a choice not to support the Democratic party when they buy their ketchup. And most of all, we think people should have the choice to choose a delicious ketchup that doesn't have a harsh, vinegary taste.

We are a family of Proud Democrats with a soldier son heading to Iraq. We may not support our president (that's why we live in a democracy!) but we do support our nation. Your hateful words "You Don't Support Democrats, Why Should Your Ketchup" do nothing but exacerbate the divisiveness narrow minded bigots like you use to tear our country apart. How hypocritical of you to capitalize on the current world affairs by claiming the high ground of patriotism!! How dare you say you support our soldiers, if you only support the Republican ones!!! Does your 'generous' scholarship fund only go to the children of fallen REPUBLICAN soldiers? Do you give a litmus test of partisanship to each fallen soldier? Oh, and for your information, Henry J. Heinz was a great American, a visionary and philanthropist; a man that actually cared about the welfare of his employees, and believed that all people should be treated fairly. I once read a book he wrote about the importance of integrity and character. It would behoove you to read it.
— N.R.

Thank you for your comments about our product. First, and most importantly, we'd like to answer your question as to whether the scholarship fund only goes to the children of Republican soldiers. The answer is no. While we do not administer the fund, the guidelines specifically reference who may receive scholarships, and party affiliation is not among the requirements. We support all of our veterans precisely because it something all Americans can agree on.

We also agree that Henry Heinz was a great American, who brought an innovative product to a young and energetic country. However, like many great businessmen of that era, most notably Henry Ford, he left huge wealth to descendants who distribute it in ways we doubt he would have supported. For example, we think it unlikely that Henry Heinz would have funded the anti-business League of Conservation Voters, or the ultra-liberal Tides Foundation.

Finally, as you point out, we live in a democracy. We think appealing to those who don't support Democrats, roughly half the country, is neither narrow-minded nor bigoted, but part of a healthy, spirited democratic system. In addition, we are highly patriotic and wanted a ketchup that all American's could agree on.

If your product is manufactured in the midwest, why are your corporate offices in New York? As a citizen of the midwest I hardly would classify New York as "midwest". Perhaps just another example of stretching facts to fit the molds of what you people call truth. Perhaps you wish to use the midwest as a hotbed of cheap labor while your collective of suits sits in offices collecting money to uphold your political desires. Sort of like the war in Iraq I suppose; just another means of funding Dick Cheney and George Bush. Having just bought a new car, I hardly wish to deface it with tacky bumper stickers, but this may just be the straw to break the camel's back. I guess a "Kerry For President" sticker wouldn't look so bad after all. Good luck with the ketchup business, don't forget to market freedom fries.
— M.H., Ashamed to be American

Your stupid advertisement: I like Heinz catsup. And I will continue to buy it. Any other products you want me to quit using? Let me know and I will continue to buy them. Thanks for the encouragement.
— J.K.

Give me a break. If you really supported America, you'd realize that campaigning isn't what makes a president. George W. Bush has millions upon millions of dollars for his campaign and Kerry seems to be struggling to keep up. I personally believe there should be a cap on how much they're allowed to spend on campaigns like there is in many foreign countries. But regardless, supporting Heinz ketchup doesn't make much of a difference for Kerry. In all fairness, it only slightly leans towards evening out the vastly unfair playing field.
— A.G.

Thank you for your comments about our product. We point out that according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan campaign-finance research organization, the Democratic Party received an astonishing 92% of all individual contributions of $1 million or more during the 2001-02 election cycle. Meanwhile, the Republican Party received 64% of all individual contributions less than $200 per donor. Bush has raised a lot of money, but according to the AP Wire, Kerry raised a record $100 million from March through May. When you have Teresa Heinz and billionaire George Soros on your side it makes fund raising pretty easy. That's why we thought we'd give Americans a choice from adding to the Heinz/Kerry fortune.

We don't begrudge Heinz and Soros their billions, and we believe that giving money is a free expression of speech, a position supported by the Supreme Court. But we also think that in a democracy individuals and small donors can defeat the large and powerful, and we prefer our system to whatever they do in foreign countries.

Stupid stupid stupid.
— J.M. & S.M.

Thank our Right-winged, Aryan, Christian, Strictly Heterosexual Male Lord Above! My Freedom Fries were getting lonely, but now I can dip them into some W Ketchup with good old Republican Pride. Praise be to God and His Glorious Ketchup! Love,
— T.W.

P.S. How fitting that the crimson red color of your product should remind us of all the native and foreign blood we have shed to build this proud nation.

You've got to be kidding. Or are you promoting it because according to our recently deceased ex-president it is really a vegetable.
— S.F.

I have never heard of W Ketchup before a friend emailed a link to me. I checked your site out and also tried to look it up on a hoax/urban legends website to no avail. I still can't decide if you are for real or not. I figured this would be the best way to find out once and for all the legitimacy of your site. Either way, your site is a real eye-opener. I was rolling on the floor laughing my a** off at some of the responses you gave to feedback! I am a a die hard democrat. However, I do not vote for someone just BECAUSE he/she is a democrat. I vote for the people I feel will continue to preserve and defend Americas freedoms in all their respects. I can't imagine what shape our country would be in today if that pansy Al Gore had been in office on 9/11. Thanks for this site. Thank You,
— D.N.K., Oak Hill WV

Can't wait to go out and stock up on Heinz Ketchup and can't wait for the November election to have Kerry in the Whitehouse and a new first lady. The present one reminds me of the movie The Stepford Wives, Laura would fit right in.
— R.D.

Your site is a bunch of bull. You equate to that of a terrorist, divisive, mean spirited, obnoxious, misleading, and doomed to defeat in November. You will need a straw to drink the surplus of ketchup you'll have.
— B.

Question: I didn't find it in the FAQ so will ask it here. You are kidding, right? This is about the dumbest thing I have seen since Freedom Fries.
— R.H.

You have swayed an undecided voter. I hadn't yet decided for whom I would vote, but your hilariously vile website has pushed me to one side of the fence... Kerry's side. I couldn't possibly vote for any candidate with supporters as greedy and opportunistic as you. Good luck with your venture, I hope you turn a profit.
— H.W.

As a lifelong Texas Democrat I gotta tell you, kudos. I'll probably order some of your product to go along with my Victory BBQ when we get John Kerry into the White House. (and retire the 'other' W to his ranch here in Crawford). Love the site, cracks me up and yes why should I put more money into the Heinz coffers!!!! Free enterprise...Gotta luv it!God Bless this great country!!
— A.M.

You suck but not as much as W!
— W.J.

With all the problems facing the United States today, with all the problems facing the world today, with all the hate, terror, crime, and degredation of the human spirit, kudos to you for comitting your resources and ingenuity to the one thing that will make the world a better place—ketchup.
— T.L.H.B.

So does this mean that democrats, by the same token, should only buy Heinz Ketchup? I just feel bad for the Independents... or the Green Party. You'd think of any political party, the Green Party would have their own food stuffs. Maybe they bring the relish, and we'll just have a big political potluck. I can't imagine anything so American as that.

Well, I tip my hat to you for trying to make your "party" a little better.

— W.R.

I am going to order some W ketchup quickly! I am a Democrat but am very conservative and I am appalled at the extreme liberalism the Democratic party pushes, The Kerry campaign would not know or support a working man unless he sold them his soul and give them his/her bank account ! I just hope to see W ketchup on store shelves someday. I am glad to be supporting a Republican effort and would be a registered Republican but in Pittsburg, Co. Oklahoma if you are not a Demo you are harassed on a regular basis.
— D.P., Krebs, OK

The view of a foreigner on wketchup: after you idiots invented the Freedom Fries (you speak English but you don't even know the meaning of your own language (to french is a verb)), you're making an even more ridiculous image of the Americans. Do you think that you're action, how idiotic it may be, will have any consequence? You must be, or very dumb or just plain stupid to believe that an act like this will have any affect on the election.

You can be idealistic, there's no problem with that, but if you begin to act like idiots, people around the globe will start to question the intellect of the American population.

— P-J.M., Belgium

"W" stands for "Washington"? What a bubbling vat of liquid sh*t! For chrissakes! How dumb do you think we are? "W" is refering to "Dubya" and you and I both know it. The wholesome 100% American Ketchup is nothing but a desperate publicity stunt to attract more right wing voters in time for the election. You guys are reeeeally scraping the bottom here. Not to mention it's for a quick cash grab. It comes down to the almighty dollar. I hope people are smarter than this, also. Laughing at your face,
— A

Seeing as how French fries have been renamed "freedom" fries, don't you think it's time America gave back the Statue of Liberty to France? Seems hypocritical that America would want to keep it!
— K., Ireland

I am definately a very, very liberal American, but I wanted to comment on your product after reading comments left by other democrats such as "stupid" "f*** you" and others. I think it is great that the politics of a company are visible and I wish that more companies were upfront about where the money was going. It would make my choice of products much easier. I don't find your product insulting at all, and I found some of the comments by supposed democrats a little embarassing. It is a matter of free choice, which is supposed to be the idea here in America. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Simple. I will continue to dunk my FRENCH fries in Heinz, but I gladly support your initiative.
— I.J., Orlando, Florida

You'll get your ten minutes, but that's about it. If this product is on the shelves after the election, I'll register Republican. Good luck.
— S.K.

Why aren't you listing my comments? Are you chicken s**t?
— J.S., Orange County, CA

We have quota for vulgar comments. Otherwise, most on the Left would consist of those.

Chicken S**T!!!!!!!!!! F***ING CRY-BABYS!!!!! GEE, TOO BAD!!!!@!

We feel sorry for the well-spoken, well-meaning Americans of your political persuasion, and we think political discourse should operate on a higher plane.

You've further allienated you and your ilk with a childish, money grubbing scheme. How sad. I am a former Republican. I'm off to send the Kerry campaign $100, which should more than offset it's losses from your product, by 1000x. You really need to get a life. This was not clever, just childish. Another pile of crap from the people who fancy the "great divider". I hope you support John Kerry when he is our new president, because as true patriots, you would support any president, wouldn't you?
— P.H., Middletown, NY

Give me a break... The only real Americans (i.e., the smart ones with a greater world consciousness) will boot Dubya out of the White House - especially thanks to great filmmaking by Michael Moore...

F*** your product you flag-wavers, and get a f***-ing life... Best Regards,

— B.D.

I was very concerned when i read about your product in a newspaper in England. Your product represents the corporate societys so prevalent across America. You thought of a gimmick and have exploited it to its limits. You proclaim that you support all things American and even donate money to a scholarship allowance. But really your hearts are full of greed and deceit. I presume many people will be decieved by your products apparent innocentness. But if anyone spends any length of time considering your real intentions i am sure they will reach the obvious conclusion that you are merely trying to make a buck. Yours faithfully,
— C.P.

Fortunately, events since 1776 have made your concern unnecessary. We understand that Europeans think making money is bad, but in America we think people who provide quality goods and services should make money. After all, there are fewer manors to be born on in America.

If Bush hadn't started an illegal, immoral war that has resulted in thousands of senseless deaths (yes, I'm counting the innocent Iraqi men, women and children as well as the Americans) then there would be no need for you to market your disgusting product. You should call it "W's Blood Juice" to honor the lives of all who have had their blood spilled as a result of Bush not allowing the U.N. inspectors to finish their jobs!! Shame on all of you!
— V.T., Another Ashamed to be American

As a business you have elevated the level of stupidity to a new height. The election will be over soon, and you would better pray that there will be enough right wing ketchup loving conservatives to buy your product, because you have offended half of your potential clients to the point of no return
— K., Las Vegas

Nice job of flooding your comment page with fake emails. It's too obvious. No one is going to bother to cuss that much over catsup.
— C.

What complete b******t! this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. you neo-cons have neo-conned the american people for long enough; it's time for a change for the better, we will redefeat Bush- the war criminal, the lier and the raper of the environment.
— J.E.

I am a Democrat, but many of my friends are Republicans and I saw their W Ketchup and immediately appreciated the tongue-in-cheek nature of the idea. Bush annoys me, but I like your product, I think it brings in much needed humor to a tense election season where many people get too wrapped up in their ideas and forget that even under our worst leaders, this country is still a great place to live and will continue to be so.
— M.S., Dallas

You have got to be kidding me. If ever there was something in existence that could possibly spell stupid, I think you have just found it. W Ketchup? You do realize how dumb you sound, don't you? Liberals all over the country are cracking up and falling off their chairs saying "This is what we wake up to compete with??" A bunch of morons who have decided that buying Heinz Ketchup is going to be the downfall of our country. I really wish I could type more about this, but I'm at a loss for words as to how dumb this really is. It's people like you idiots that seriously make our country the laughing stock of the world. I know you don't care,
— S.S.

This is the sickest thing I've ever heard of and I really hope it's a joke. Being an American is nothing to be proud of anymore.
— T.P.

Can I order you product, even if I'm a Democrat? I mean, you don't have to check I.D's or anything? Do you? I would think that you'd have connections and have made large enough political contributions to "W" (Opps, I forgot, the "W" stands for Washington) that the C.I.A., F.B.I, or T.S.A would be kind enough to do that for you.

Anyway please let me know if I can order a bunch for my next barbeque.

P.S. Could I order if I were French?, or a Communist?

— A.J.

Yes, anyone may order our product, including you, communists, and even John Kerry. We think the more people who support W the better.

Congratulations! Your website is hilarious! Great parody...a little over the top, but wonderful stuff! We Democrats love a little absurd satire in our lives!
Keep up the good work,

— G.D., Escondido CA

Your idea SUCKS!!! Why the hell do you think people would want to by "All American Ketchup" when our country is in a war, the world is full of depressed people, people in many countries are starving to death and have life threatening diseases (such as aids) and people HATE America??? Are you people crazy??? That is just another reason NOT to vote republican! I am much nore worried about people in other countries than those Americans fighting in the war (which we shouldn't be in anyway) GO KERRY!!! BUSH SUCKS!
— A.C.

Just wanted to say- I am in the military, and I support John Kerry for president. However, I do think that what you are doing is great. Choice is good. I am ordering this ketchup for my grandfather, who is a Bush man through-and-through. I wish you wouldn't show only the hatred of the "Left"- it seems that it is a little one-sided. But, I guess that is how you are marketing yourselves. Good luck with that. I hope the ketchup is tasty.
— SPC J.T., USA, South Korea

Thank you for your order, and I hope your grandfather enjoys his W Ketchup! To be honest, we haven't had time to keep up with all the comments, but we try to be even-handed about what we post. While we are constantly accused of cherry-picking the nasty Left comments, we post a much smaller sampling of the nasty ones than numbers would dictate.

You people are an abomination to the world. I have seen some silly stuff in my time but this takes the cake. Your use of a market such ketchup for political reasons is down right sick. You have to be very disturbed individuals to think that ketchup or any other food product should be used for a political tool. I saw that blond lady on the television and the type of personality that is being portrayed it one of a group of pompous arrogant upper class white collar flaky people who obviously have NO sense of reality. I believe that actions such as these are an abomination to our country and your people aught to be ashamed for proceeding with what seems to be a childish act, an act which in FACT is no more creative than that of immature children devising a hip new trend. Really you people need to go out into the real world where people cant even afford ketchup or barbecues and WAKE THE HELL UP. YOURE ALL DISCUSTING IN MY OPINION!!!! I HOPE YOU LOSE YOUR JOBS AND HAVE TO HAVE BRAND X KETCHUP HANDED OUT TO YOU!!!!!!!

— T.O’S.

While I may be a leftist liberal through and through I still think that your idea is a novel and effective one. Kudos. Those on the right have rightfully observed that some of the comments on the left seem very hateful, but I would just ask that they not use those comments as justification of a generalization that liberals, as a whole, are hateful. I look forward to the day, too, that both the left and the right can drop this bitter hatred and polarization, and just agree to disagree. I also applaud you for going around big-business in marketing your own product whose proceeds go to a definite worthwhile cause. While some of us may have different opinions on the war, there is no questioning that everyone on the left appreciates our soldiers as much as those on the right. I may have to give some "W" a try- not because I don't support Democrats, but because I support our troops. Peace and Love to you all in the future, and best of luck with your efforts.
— M.E.

Even though I am a pinko commie (Liberal), I think this is a pretty clever idea. If I had a credit card, I'd buy your ketchup just so I could boycott Kerry's for giving the election to Bush. Kerry ruined it for the Democrats; I've hated him from the beginning. Anyway, I think the W stands for Welch, Laura Bush's maiden name. That would make sense. Oh, by the way, congradulations on your party's victory in the election...you bastards.
— M.J.K.


On the Right

Having tasted your ketchup, my life has changed. I use it of course on meat and potatoes. But such is my addiction to it that I began the other day to use it on watermelon. You cannot imagine the taste! Tonight I will scrape away the caviar, as that dilutes the taste of W Ketchup. With all good wishes,
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Wonderful idea! As a retired Navy Chief and father of a current active duty sailor, I appreciate your donation to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. I have always tried to purchase products made in America and I am especially thrilled to NOT purchase a product that might support John "what's the 'F' stand for" Kerry-Heinz.
— M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for:

1. making a quality product available so we won't buy that other stuff from Heinz

2. making a point about the overseas production when the Kerry's make much of that of others

3. making funds available for a very unselfish cause and much needed, and

4. love your logo and product promotional info — will tell all our friends and family about your site and product!

God bless America, our President, our Soldiers, and you folks — we will keep you lifted up in our prayers for success — for all the above reasons. We've ordered a case — to start — look forward to receiving it — will be presents to our family and friends — will order more later....

— J.W. & G.W., Cheboygan, MI

I saw your ad in National Review and my husband and I can't wait for our "W" Ketchup! I think the timing is meaningful since it was our late, beloved President Ronald Reagan who proclaimed that, yes, ketchup can be counted as a vegetable. As a ketchup-loving, red-blooded American gal, I couldn't agree more!
— V.W.D., Longmont, Colorado

Great item and I love your pitch. I ordered a case and will slug it with some USA Prime Beef down upon arrival! God Bless America.
— S.S., New York City

Thanks for filling the ketchup void for us patriots!! Great label, too!
— M.E.

Wonder why liberals are so full of hate and divisiveness? Poor guys. Can't wait to get our new W ketchup. We mostly use salsa at our house, but I'll bring a bottle of W to share with our office. All our republicans (conservative and Christian, too) will get a big kick out of this. Good luck with your new product. God bless W and America.
— L.R., A Tulsa repubican

What a great idea, AND your product supports such a wonderful cause. I just finished reading some of the comments sent to you, and was so surprised at the "hateful" tone coming from those on the left. But there was one super idea suggested by one of the "lefties" — be sure to market your W Ketchup with Freedom Fries...I love it!!! If I owned/ran a restaurant I would do just that.
— L.B.

Thank you for giving us a delicious American alternative to the standard Heinz Ketchup. Henry Heinz may have been a great American, but I have absolutely no interest in supporting The Kerry's anti-American causes.
— S.S., Akron, OH

Dear Sirs, first you must realize that I am a total ketchup fiend. Ketchup to me, is not merely a condiment but its own separate food group. I eat ketchup on everything and often times, I will consume it straight from the bottle with a spoon. Furthermore my native town is Pittsburgh and I have found myself in a liberal world of Heinz, which until recently I had adored. With the new W Ketchup I am able to consume my FAVORITE food with conservative pride! Thank you so much for your efforts with ketchup and more so for your contribution to the deserving scholarship fund!
— L.R., Pittsburgh, PA

You are absolutely right, why support Heinz, that is, Heinza Ketchup which in turn supports Teresa, who in turn supports Kerry? The Howard family will now only consume W Ketchup. Good for you and God bless you. I love the comments, both from the left because they show the pathetic ignorance of that unfortunate side of politics, as well as the from the right because they do such a great job of showing the left up for what they are, a bunch of hypocrites.
— The Howards

This is a great idea for a great President. Funny how all of the “left comments” are mean and hateful, isn’t it? They just can't stand the fact that we beat them to everything — keep up the great work. And remember to always tell five people about W everywhere you go.
— P.B.

Thank you for this wonderful alternative to 'the other brand.' I could not believe it was true when I saw your ad in National Review and made sure I wasn't on the satire page!
— M.A., Colorado

I just wanted to say Thank you for your obvious sense of humor, and your sense of integrity as well. I stopped buying Heinz products a few months ago, and I look forward to getting some of your ketchup. My granddaughter loves ketchup, so I'll make sure she has "the good stuff."
— J.H., Navy Veteran

Thanks guys, I hope this works out well. The only problem with reelecting George W is it leaves a hole open for the evil Hillary to get elected next cycle. How do you feel about that?
— W.T.

We are not aware of any condiments or other products that Hillary is associated with, but we will have our top people look into it.

I think your idea is wonderful. I like people with grit. We will order a case just because we like your 'American' grit. We are currently using Brooks product and... as long as we still have a choice, we will NOT purchase any Heinz products.

Also, the fact that you publish comments from both side — Right & Left — shows that you are fair minded. Unlike M. H. who is "Ashamed to be an American" (it seems that he has something in common with Mr. Kerry). I suspect that M. H. is not an American. Probably from wherever Theresa came from before she inherited all that American's money.

Ann Coulter is right about the so-called liberals you know. Your ’Comments from the left‚ is proof that the left just likes to accuse, rant and rave and say dirty, senseless stuff. They really think that is intelligent.

Hey, M.H., If you’re reading these comments, just want to encourage you to not believe all the propaganda you hear. We Americans, whether from New York, Cincinnati or Springfield, IL, love and support our President. The media only tells you what to believe because they think you are stupid.

— D.B., Midwest

Hey Lefties, the "W" on the label is WASHINGTON, or do you hate him too?

"Hate is not a family value" says my liberal college professor's Volvo. But after the F911 movie and the reviews of your website on the left, one would conclude that hate is indeed a family value on the Left, geez!

But then, what's not to hate? You have an entrepreneurial spirit, a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign, (liberals hate humor) you tell the truth, use logic, and revel in the capitalism that Lady Theresa so loathes, despite her marrying into the money that John Kerry then married into.
— J. M., Cincinnati OH

Republican-Americans living abroad in the free and democratic US ally of Taiwan want to buy your W Ketchup. There really are a lot of republicans over here as we know that Kerry is no friend of Taiwan, unlike President Bush.
— M.D., Taipei, Taiwan

I applaud this ketchup. The entire business-end of this product purely benefits the people of the United States; everything from the manufacturing process to the destination of the proceeds. It maintains the spirit of Capitalism, while at the same time, it helps our own. Even the advertising campaign avoids political correctness, by choosing only literal correctness. Even better yet, you stand by this line in the face of criticism.

In all fairness, however, I would like to point out the flaw that some other commenters have made concerning the comments on the Left — The commenters from the Left are attacking what they preceive to be a politcal threat. Of course they're going to be filled with hateful responses. The Commenters from the Right, on the other hand, are commenting toward what they preceive as a friend, so naturally their comments are full of praise. Let's face it — we have hateful attitudes on the extreme ends of both sides.

In any case, you seem to have a rather balanced product here, and I intend to purchase some upon receiving my next paycheck.

— V.G.

My congratulations to your writers. Great responses to some less than great comments. Have to admit it is interesting to watch an American election. Much amusement to us non-Americans. Interesting how worked up people get over ketchup. Good luck marketing your product. Looks like you have a great hook. Cordially,
— R.B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I really am amazed at the vicious comments from the left about a bottle of ketchup. The Republicans have always been labeled as hateful and having no sense of humor.....hhmmmmm. Anyway, I ordered some ketchup for a bar b q I'm having next week. I know it will be a hit. Thanks so much.
— L.K.

To Whom it May Concern: I am a fundraising conduit between several major corporations and the GOP. One of my clients is Heinz. I recently spoke to some executives over there and they are none too happy about what you guys are doing. While they are not going to suddenly donate much of anything to the Dems, they were nevertheless peeved at your antics. Next time you do something like this, consider whether the big dogs will get upset. You've made my life more difficult. I hope you all enjoy freedom kissing each other.
— N.A.

The suggestion that we should not engage in free speech and free enterprise because it might impair your ability to suck political donations from a large corporation is repugnant and against everything we believe in as Americans. Sir, yours is the most vile email that we have ever received, and you represent everything that is wrong with politics today.

Dear Patriots, Saw your new product and what an answer to our prayers!! We haven't purchased a Heinz product for almost a year. We did transgress slightly about 2 weeks ago when our local store ran a coupon for a free bottle of Heinz ketchup, and in a brief moment of weakness, we used the coupon. But we had to tear off the label before setting the bottle on the table. Seeing that name on the bottle would have been a constant guilty reminder of our "straying from the fold". Sincerely,
— E & D from Akron, Ohio

I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that a condiment could bring on such rage! Afterall, you are simply selling ketchup. This venture will make me think twice about the dangers of sending my kids out to sell lemonade!

I just ordered four bottles to give to my father, a life-long Republican and Korean War Vet. I can't wait for it to be delivered! I am a life-long Republican who enjoys looking on both sides of the political fence to learn and think intelligently about all sides of an issue before voting. This fun venture is just what makes the world of American politics so spirited and energizing. I hope it inspires more people to get interested in voting!

I am delighted to see that someone has taken on the Heinz empire into this condiment battle. Now I am eagerly waiting for you to take on French's mustard!

— B.C.

I'd like to comment on how ingenious this is. I mean c'mon! Ketchup (or catsup, depending on your demographic) Brilliant. Someone commented that you claim to be midwest, while headquartered in New York. Yea so what? The tomatoes are grown in California, where the soil is undeniably left wing liberal so what does that mean? I'm sure the humorless liberals would suggest that it's really a left wing plot against the conservatives oh wait a sec, that's not right. LOL! Anyhow I love the idea, I'll be ordering some soon! As soon as I find out who stole my "Bush-Cheney 2004" sign. hahah!
— M.M.H.D.

Thanks for an alternative to the "other" ketchup. I was starting to feel guilty putting that stuff on my hotdogs, wondering where that money would be going. Where else but in America could you sell your ketchup like you're doing? Wonderful capitalistic America. I hope you make a fortune on your ketchup. As long as I have your kind, I'll never do the "57" thing again!! Go W!!!!! Sincerely,
— Mrs. D.P., Worthington, Ohio

Congratulations on coming up with a great idea to poke fun at Democrats, help a worthy cause, and give us all a smile. I noticed the comments on the 'left' side of the screen. . . I find it hard to believe that we, as a country, have become so sensitive that we are unable to poke fun at something without repercussion. I rather enjoyed the responses you had to their tirades, though.

I have been a staunch Republican my entire adult life. Yet, I don't mind some good-natured ribbing about my party. I didn't get upset when the exiting Democrats pried the 'W' keys off of the keyboards in the White House. I don't get mad and turn the channel when the cast of SNL pokes fun at Mr. Bush. And I certainly do not write scathing letters to companies that don't support my party.

Keep making your ketchup. Keep supporting our party. And, don't let the bastards get you down. Thanks,

— BA from Texas

I plan on purchasing a few bottles of your product asap. Thank you for finally allowing people to purchase a product that will not fund the democratic ticket. Many people do not know, but the Kerry ticket is the richest so far in history. The press and stubborn democrats strike at Bush as the richest administration, yet the Kerry ticket is far more wealthier. W ketchup is soon to be the only ketchup I order for my family. I cannot express my gratitude to you for making a stand and taking the heat that comes with it.
— J.F.

Althought I have not had a chance to try or order your ketchup, I do have a comment on your replies to the comments. We DO NOT live in a democracy, we live in a REPUBLIC! For immediate proof recite the Pledge of Allegiance. For further proof read Benjamin Rush or other writings of our founding fathers. Thank you.
— C.J.

Your point is well taken. Though we were using democracy colloquially, as in the “rule of the people,” we take the distinction seriously. Thank you for pointing that out.

Just wanted to tell you how amusing it is to read all the negative feedback from the obviously loony left that are flocking to your site to tell you what bad people you are for exercising your rights to free speech and free enterprise. It's funny how it only works one way for them. People, it's just a condiment for goodness sake! Chill out. It's not going to change the world. Keep on buying your Heinz and the rest of us will buy what we want. That's the great thing about living in America — if you have a great idea and can muster the capital, someone might just buy your product! We are all only limited by our desire. But I digress.

I believe the vast majority of American's will find your product both entertaining and delicious. At least those of us with a sense of humor. Let's face it, some people take themselves far too seriously. I already don't buy Heinz ketchup, so nothing much is going to change here for me. But I will be placing an order for your fine product because I believe in your support of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, a non-partisan organization that helps ensure the education of the children of the very soldiers whose lives and deaths allow this product, this website and this forum to exist in the first place.

God bless America and continued success to you.

— B.C., Mobile, AL

We need more patriotism in this nation. I've been buying other brands for months now but this will be a staple in my house from now on! As for the comments from the left, who cares!! They are all a bunch of ignorant Anti-American idiots anyway! "W" Good ketchup, Great President!!!
— D.M.

Your comments section really opened my eyes even more regarding the hatred, bigotry, and extreme anger expressed by the "left". So much for the compassionate, understanding, tolerant, diversity supporting liberals! Keep up the great work and thanks for a great product!
— J.Z., Malta, New York

I just had to write you and tell you what I think of your venture...WONDERFUL!!! I don't eat or like ketchup, my husband however does and he hated the idea of giving one red cent to the Heinz Corp. As soon as I tally the amount I'll need, I'll be purchasing at least a case if not two. I think they'll make the best type of hostess gifts going!!
— L.W., South River, NJ

Now since I have my Wketchup I can finally eat freedom fries again. I would not eat fries at home or in a restaurant because I refuse to eat Heinz ketchup. The only problem I have now is to find a handbag that I can carry a bottle with me when we go out to eat. Maybe you could come up with a small bottle so we could fill it up with wketchup and take it with us. By the way, the taste is far superior to any I have ever had. Thanks for a great product and for supporting a worthy cause. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. Keep up the good work.
— S.S., Greencastle, PA

All I can say is WOW! In my own protest I have resorted to using mayo in place of ketchup. Now I have a wonderful alternative. I thank you and my arteries thank you! God Bless America!! Sincerely,
— N.P.

Today I received the case I had ordered. Your ketchup is superior to the Heinz ketchup we had been using. Its taste reminds me of ketchup I used to bring back from Honduras when I vacationed there.
— M.M.

At my local fraternal lodge I recently had several people who are vocal liberals, so i conducted a test with w- Ketchup. I replaced heinz ketchup with w-ketchup and put the heinz ketchup in the w- bottle. they heard about w-ketchup and i said that w-was far better in taste then heinz. well after all the rhetoric of politics on this matter i ordered a large plate of freedom fries and asked them to do the taste test. Guess what, they all said that after the taste heinz was better tasting, then i told them about my little scheme they did not beleive me until i opened an unopened w-ketchup and "SURPRISE" I made beleivers of them. You should be getting orders from them soon.
— J. C.

I think your ketchup is the most ingenious product I've seen in recent years. What a great, simple idea! I am also pleased to see that you have a forum where we can all air our condiment differences. I was, however, appalled to read some of the vitriolic comments written by some on the Left. To think that people will get so up in arms over ketchup...tsk, tsk, tsk. I also applaud your sizing-down of the so-called fundraiser for the GOP. His personal attack on your business was a slap in the face of all things American. Shame on him and shame on anyone who would deny you the right to market such an undeniably American idea. My Freedom Fries will love it! God Bless America and God Bless W.
— R.M., Waldorf, Maryland

Ketchup is one of the finest culinary inventions known to mankind and I would hate to think of a section of the populace being deprived of a politically acceptable alternative to the Heinz brand.
— A.S.

Dear Patriots:

I was certainly hopeful that the W Ketchup would be something more than a great label. But, I knew that even if the product was weak, that label was worth the cost of the first case.

Finally, the case arrived. Not wanting friends and relatives to be amused at my potential folly, it was time to taste. Not a french fry or salmon patty in sight. Being a Southern boy, I could not put it on my hot dog or hamburger.

Thus, it was reduced to the "cattle working" (ranchers will understand what I mean). Taste it in a comparison test with my favorite. The Heinz came out and on to the plate. The W came out on to the plate, an inch or so away. I looked at the tablespoon of each for a bit. The W was a full, brilliant and pleasant red! Side by side, the Heinz, amazingly, looked grayed and dull in comparison. A surprise, but W looked more appetizing. After a couple of minutes, while I decided whether I would taste out of a spoon or on a mild unsalted cracker, I noticed that the Heinz product was starting to separate and "puddle." A small pool of translucent fluid surrounded the dollop. The color appeared to become even more dull.

Of course, the W Ketchup was right next to it on the plate. It still had that brilliant red and was firm and actually looked appetizing. Oh, hope after hope that it tasted as good as it looked. It felt unusual to taste-test ketchup. But, in case I had to be defensive, I needed to know the truth.

Although I have been hating my preference to Heinz ketchup since last spring, it has always had a good taste and a bite that beat Hunt, Del Monte and all the others. I decided to tackle the Heinz first. It was predictable. Just as I remembered it for years (way too many years). But, as this was a test, I put nothing else in my mouth for four or five minutes. It was a surprise, after a minute or so, to notice that the residual taste in my mouth was quite disagreeable and actually made me want to brush my teeth. (I guess I have never concentrated on ketchup before.)

After a good drink of cool, clear water, I was ready to see if I was going to be making apologies for the product but loving the label. One more walk around the table, I noted that the product still had no separation, stood tall and firm, and still a really great red. Here was the moment of truth. The W Ketchup was actually superior at the first signal to the brain! "Ah, what a relief, but keep chewing," said I. Well, the taste blossomed; a fuller flavor, more robust, and lasting. Satisfaction, and, far more taste out of a rather "common condiment" than I had ever had.

Then, the wait for the after taste. Minute after minute goes by, still no chalky yuck as with the Heinz. In fact, it was an amazingly pleasant after taste for about ten minutes or so, when I decided to redo the test without crackers. This is the first time I have ever eaten ketchup by itself. I had seen a few college friends do that on the last of the month, years ago.

I did survive eating ketchup straight. The Heinz had the same results as before on the cracker. The aftertaste returned. This time I did not wait ten minutes and I didn't cleanse my palate before dipping into the W. Oh, Yes! The taste was just as great, just as rounded, just as full, and bold enough to take the Heinz aftertaste and flush it. Great finish, full bodied, with an heirloom tomato sauce flavor.

Absolutely wonderful! I will write again after I try it on real Onion Rings, which I suspect is the absolutely hardest test for a ketchup.

Best of luck, I hope you get distribution.

— J.D., Dallas

Thank you for making this Ketchup. Since we finally got to see Teresa Heinz Kerry, and most importantly listen to her speak, my wife and I decided not to support her empire by buying anything she makes. Unfortunately my wife loves Ketchup and I have always wondered how she can even taste the meat watching her pour Ketchup over her hamburgers and steaks. Well to make a long story short my wife also NEVER throws anything out. When my order arrived yesterday I opened the box and put a bottle on the counter top and went off to check e-Mail (about 10 min.) and came back to the sink for more coffee. In the Garbage disposal hole (neck down) was the only bottle of Ketchup we had in the house (Heinz brand). My penny pinching wife was gleefully dumping her Ketchup bottle into the disposal. Your Ketchup has given this 58 year old man a memory he will cherish for many years and also a new love for Ketchup. This stuff you guys made is delicious.
— W.F., Oak Creek, WI

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