Television & Radio

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition
Republicans Back ‘W’ Ketchup
by Pippin Ross
Audio clip available
October 14, 2004

National Public Radio
Convention Ketchup
by Sean Cole, WBUR Boston
Audio clip available in Real Audio Format
July 26, 2004

CNBC’s Bullseye
Dylan Ratigan interviews Susie Oliver
Video (2.3 MB, WMV format)
July 14, 2004

AP Video
'W Ketchup' Offers Alternative for Republicans
Video available at Yahoo News
July 13, 2004

Fox News Special Report with Brit Hume
“Conservatives who prefer Freedom Fries to French Fries ... now have a new choice at the dinner table.”
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July 9, 2004

ABC’s Good Morning America
In an on-air taste test between W Ketchup and Heinz, W Ketchup was judged as tasting “more conservative, with a sweeter, more compassionate taste.”
July 7, 2004

CNN’s American Morning
“Some GOP supporters ... have created an alternative to Heinz ketchup.”
June 22, 2004

Radio interview with Southern California's KWAVE 107.9
MP3 format (2.7 MB)
June 21, 2004


Canada Free Press
American ingenuity and W Ketchup
by Arthur Weinreb
July 21, 2004

The Independent
Republicans see red as ketchup war turns saucy
by Andrew Gumbel
July 25, 2004

The Times of London
by Elaine Monaghan
July 16, 2004

Rádio Renascença
Uma guerra de tomate
July 16, 2004

Sify News India
Americans dip freedom fries in 'W Ketchup'
July 15, 2004

July 14, 2004

Le Figaro
Démocrate ou républican? A chacun son ketchup
by Véziane de Vezins
Front Page, July 12, 2004

Kuwait Times
“Americans allergic to the subtle Democratic flavour of Heinz ketchup can now plunge their ‘freedom fries’ into a 100per cent guaranteed, patriotic alternative.”
Front Page, July 11, 2004

BBC News
Republicans launch 'W ketchup'
by Oliver Conway
July 10, 2004

ARD Tagesschau
Republikanisch korrekte Tomatensauce
July 10, 2004

Empresa lança ketchup republicano
July 9, 2004

Sunday Times, South Africa
Ketchup politics amuses the US
by Claire Gallen
July 9, 2004

IBL News
'W Ketchup' para los repúblicanos, Heinz para los demócratas
July 9, 2004
Ketchup für die Republikaner im US-Wahlkampf
July 9, 2004

SBS World News
US Ketchup Delivers Message in a Bottle
July 7, 2004

Le Monde
Un ketchup sauce républicaine
July 4, 2004

Online & In Print

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition
Rebels With A Cause - Conservatism
by Alicia Colon
November 14, 2006

Hartford Courant
Political Food Fight
by William Weir
August 17, 2004

Lodi News-Sentinel
Right-wing condiment: Lodi native offers GOP an alternative to Heinz
by Tricia Tomiyoshi
August 7, 2004

Bush Backers Spurn Heinz Ketchup, Kerry Loyalists Ditch Verizon
August 2, 2004

MetroWest Daily News
Can GOP play ketchup in MA?
by Cathy Flynn
July 24, 2004
Relish your vote: GOP ketchup has local flavor
by Cheryl Miller
July 19, 2004

Boston Herald
Here for the party: Wear your politics on your sleeve, or elsewhere, with fun election accessories
by Raakhee P. Mirchandani
July 18, 2004

Fort Worth Star Telegram
W ketchup brand caters to foes of Kerry
July 18, 2004

Kansas City infoZine
Bush Supporters Can Squirt W Ketchup on Their Fries Instead of Heinz
July 17, 2004

Mid-Hudson News
Orange County Republicans offer Kerry-Heinz ketchup alternative
July 16, 2004

Rutland Herald
Republicans relish their right-leaning alternative to Heinz
by Peter Crabtree
July 14, 2004

Rocky Mountain News
New 'W Ketchup' pours on the politics
by Marcela Carrera
July 14, 2004

Yahoo News
Republicans dip freedom fries in “W Ketchup”, not Heinz
July 9, 2004

New York Post
Tips on Talking to Celebrities
Liz Smith
July 7, 2004

LA Times
Campaign 2004 Trail Mix: Conservative Condiment
July 4, 2004

The New York Sun
Condiment for the Right
by Eric Wolff
Front Page, July 1, 2004

The Washington Times
W Ketchup a nonpartisan flavor
by Isaac Wolf
June 25, 2004

The Hill
Want some W ketchup with your fries?
by James Kirchick
June 23, 2004

The Seattle Times
Political ketchup delivers message in a bottle
by Newsday and The Associated Press
June 22, 2004

Playing ketchup with Kerry
by Glenn Thrush
June 16, 2004


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June 28, 2004
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