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W Ketchup™ Endorses Ron Paul for President

Eagle Bridge, NY — January 17, 2012 — W Ketchup™ was founded in 2004 to offer Americans a choice of premium ketchup and to support traditional American values against the ascending peril of a European, collectivist ideology. The political context was a battle between a plainspoken Texan against an elitist Massachusetts moderate, whose command of rhetoric camouflaged his socialist vision for America.

At this moment in history, the Republican Party faces the same choice America faced eight years ago. The establishment has crowned Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. His rhetoric has lulled Republicans into thinking he supports limited government, but his record reveals him to be one of the many moderates, both Democrat and Republican, who have brought this proud nation to the brink of bankruptcy and tyranny.

As a career consultant, Romney learned the art of being paid to tell people what they want to hear, a skill he used to capture the governorship of one of the most liberal states in America. Now he is using the same artifice in an attempt to capture the presidency.

Romney's history of advancing socialist policies in Massachusetts is well documented. Like other Massachusetts politicians, he has also flip flopped on many major political issues. During his governorship he was pro-choice, now he is pro-life. He rejected the Reagan Revolution saying: “I don't want to return to Reagan/Bush,” whereas now he expressly embraces Reagan's principles. He has claimed to be against Obama's bailouts, but last week defended Obama's takeover of General Motors and Chrysler, oblivious that the Constitutional rights of the bondholders had been violated. Romney will say anything to get elected.

In a general election Romney would be unable to distinguish his record from Obama's, while Obama will be able to argue, accurately, that his political views are intellectually purer and more consistent than Romney's. The Democrat attack ads, already prepared, are unanswerable. The establishment has crowned Romney, as they did McCain, because they know he will lose.

In the unlikely event Romney were to become president, nothing fundamental in Washington would change, just as no current policy would be fundamentally different if McCain had triumphed. McCain's top four donors were Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. Romney's are Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and HIG Capital. The corrupt politician/banker nexus has aligned with the establishment candidate in order to ensure their place at the trough. Party affiliation serves only to identify to whom the lobbyists shall write their checks.

Only one man currently running for national office has principles guided by the Constitution and understands the subtle interactions between the metastasis of government, Federal Reserve money printing, the collapse of moral standards, and the erosion of our liberties.

We urge all our customers to view testimony he delivered in the House in 2002, and consider his stunning foresight:

Some of Ron Paul's predictions have not yet come to pass. Interest rates are still low, and the dollar is not in crisis. But, he gave no timetable for his prophesy. These two disasters lurk ever nearer — they must occur given the economic course the left has charted (which is why we have continually urged our customers to protect themselves by buying gold). When they do, the government will use the pretext to tighten its grip on power still further. This is the tide of history. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who understands the nature of the crisis and can prevent the final triumph of the Leviathan over the tree of liberty planted by our founding fathers.

Intentional mischaracterizations of Dr. Paul's foreign policy positions are responsible for some alienation by conservatives. Paul emphasizes that a strong national defense is specifically authorized in the Constitution as one of the enumerated powers and is necessary in a dangerous world. But, he questions, as do we, the need for 865 foreign bases, including 268 in Germany, 124 in Japan, and 87 in South Korea. He also understands that there is no number of American ground troops who can tame an uncivilized nation, a primary position of candidate Bush when he was running against Vice-President Gore. It would be more efficient, and more effective, to project American power through precise, obtainable objectives. It is a telling fact that Ron Paul has more financial support from active duty military service members than any other politician.

Dr. Paul is a true, modern Cincinnatus. Trained as an obstetrician, Dr. Paul educated himself in economics by reading Hayek's Road to Serfdom and Ludwig von Mises's work. An understanding of free market economics and philosophy enabled him to comprehend the enormity of Nixon's termination of the gold standard that heralded the beginning of the end of liberty in America. He heeded the call to go to Washington and became one of the few politicians in our era to adhere to his oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies. Whereas Romney quotes “America the Beautiful” at rallies to evoke an emotional response, Dr. Paul quotes the Constitution to challenge the intellect.

W Ketchup™ is proud to endorse Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination as the only viable candidate who can end the threat of leftist ascendency. The gathering crisis will sweep America's liberties aside if the presidency is occupied by a business-as-usual politician, be his name Obama, Kerry, or Romney.

When asked what form of government the Constitutional Convention had settled upon, Benjamin Franklin responded: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Let it not be said of conservatives that we shirked our duty to fight for our Constitution. We urge our customers to join the grass-roots effort by uniting with the founders of W Ketchup™ and the plurality of our heroes in arms to support Ron Paul's efforts in South Carolina and beyond.

      Support Ron Paul

W Ketchup™ was founded to free Americans from the ketchup monopoly, and to allow all Americans to support a ketchup that shares their beliefs. W Ketchup™ donates a portion of every purchase to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which helps fund college tuition for the children of America’s fallen heroes.

Founded in 2004, W Ketchup™ is a private company that makes ketchup in America solely from ingredients grown in the USA and does not support any liberal agendas. For more information contact 1-866-WKETCHUP, or write to 954 Lexington Ave, #236, New York, NY 10021-5013.

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