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W Ketchup Prices to Rise after Independence Day

Eagle Bridge, NY — June 20, 2012 — In November of 2008, the Federal Reserve warned of deflation and began printing money. Since then commodity prices have surged, with cotton increasing 89%, gasoline rising 96%, and copper spiking 117%. Food prices have also increased, with flour rising 17%, beef up 23%, and coffee 24% more expensive.

In a recent interview, Fed Chairman Bernanke claimed: “This fear of inflation is way overstated.”

Dan Oliver, CEO of W Ketchup, reacted: “It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to understand that printing money causes prices to rise. First the new money goes into the financial markets, paying for the bonuses of Wall Street titans, and then it goes into retail prices, reducing the living standards of normal Americans.”

On July 5th W Ketchup will raise its prices.

Dan Oliver, CEO of W Ketchup, explained: “Over the past few years, every single cost has steadily increased because of Bernanke’s policies. We have resisted raising prices as long as possible, but must now act to keep the business viable. We are announcing the price increase because, unlike other brands, which try to fool their customers by shrinking package size, we respect our loyal patrons.”

In 2009, W Ketchup warned its customers that Bernanke’s money printing would cause inflation, and urged all Americans to protect themselves by buying gold. In 2010 W Ketchup again exhorted all patriotic Americans to buy gold to frustrate Obama’s plan to convert America to socialism. Gold has increased 67% since these warnings.

W Ketchup Chairman Bill Zachary commented: “As it has for millennia, gold has preserved purchasing power against the deprivations caused by incompetent and corrupt leaders. With America’s wealth being destroyed by Bernanke’s Keynesian theories and Obama’s radical leftwing agenda, individual citizens can’t rely on others but must act to protect themselves. We recommend gold, ammunition, and a stockpile of delicious W Ketchup.

Orders must be placed by June 23 to guarantee delivery by the 4th of July.

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W Ketchup donates a portion of every purchase to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which helps fund college tuition for the children of America’s fallen heroes.

Founded in 2004, W Ketchup™ is a private company that makes ketchup in America solely from ingredients grown in the USA and does not support any liberal agendas. For more information contact 1-866-WKETCHUP, or write to 954 Lexington Ave, #236, New York, NY 10021-5013.

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