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W Ketchup Rejects Sen. Clinton’s Call for Socialism

Eagle Bridge, NY — June 4, 2007 — Last Wednesday, Senator Hillary Clinton declared: “It’s time to replace American society.” The front-running Democratic candidate for President advocated replacing what she called America’s “on your own” society with her preferred “we’re all in it together society.” In 2004, while at a fund raiser in California, Senator Clinton declared: “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

In 1885, Karl Marx coined the communist slogan: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

During her husband’s administration, Hillary Clinton attempted to impose a government mandated universal healthcare system on Americans. The proposal failed in the Democratic Congress and helped the Republicans capture the House of Representatives in 1994, after forty years in the minority. Consistent with her socialist statements, Candidate Clinton has promised that if elected she would again attempt to impose government mandated healthcare.

James Madison wrote in The Federalist Papers: “the first object of government” is the “protection of the diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate.”

Dan Oliver, CEO of W Ketchup, commented: “This great country of ours was founded on the rights of the individual, including the rights to life, liberty, and property. It is frightening that the leading Democratic candidate wants to replace the foundations of our nation with a model based on socialism.”

The same day Senator Clinton called for exchaging capitalism for socialism, she defended her extensive use of private jets donated by contributors claiming: “Whatever I’ve done, I complied with Senate rules at the time. . . . Those were the rules. You’ll have to ask somebody else whether that’s good policy.” Reports indicate that a single contributor, who has been linked to scamming elderly Americans out of their retirement money, has donated $900,000 worth of travel to the Clintons.

Bill Zachary, Chairman of W Ketchup, remarked: “While the rest of America is all together flying commercial, Senator Clinton is on her own in her private jets. No doubt she considers this for the common good. Meanwhile, her defense of hiding behind Senate rules displays the kind of leadership the country should expect should her campaign be successful.”

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