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W Ketchup Calls for Investigation of Speaker Pelosi

Eagle Bridge, NY — April 9, 2007 — Last week Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Damascus to visit with Syrian President Bashar Assad. While there, she delivered a message that “Israel was ready to engage in peace talks” with Syria. The Israeli prime minister denied he had given Ms. Pelosi any such message. The United States has severed high-level contacts with Syria, and the White House strongly critized Pelosi’s visit.

The Assad family gained power during a coup in 1971. President Assad is suspected of supporting the terrorist groups Hazbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, and is widely credited with the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri in 2005. The U.N. is considering charges against Assad. On her visit, Speaker Pelosi declared: “We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace.”

Any American citizen, including members of Congress, may meet with foreign governments on fact finding missions. However, the Logan Act, passed in 1799, forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments under penalty of fines and up to three years in prison. The Supreme Court has stated: “Into the field of negotiation the Senate cannot intrude, and Congress itself is powerless to invade it.” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Tom Lantos declared: “We have an alternative Democratic foreign policy” and “this is only the beginning of our constructive dialogue with Syria.”

W Ketchup CEO Dan Oliver reacted: “Big Tuna Pelosi began her career as Speaker of the House three months ago under the stain of corruption, and now appears to have committed a felony. She and her fellow liberals should spend more time studying the Constitution they are sworn to uphold, and less time undermining US foreign policy. We call on the Justice Department to open an investigation into Pelosi’s activities.”

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry, who visited Assad shortly before Christmas, stated: “It’s terrific that she went to Syria.” Senator Kerry is married to Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz who reportedly controls nearly 5% of the H.J. Heinz Company. Ms. Heinz blamed the criticism of Pelosi on sexism, saying: “some segments of our population don’t like uppity ladies — and they call them all kinds of names.”

W Ketchup Chairman Bill Zachary commented: “Citizens who commit crimes should be brought to justice, whether or not they are in Congress, and whether or not they are women. America’s enemies are using the liberal media and the Democratic Party to undermine the war effort, and both groups should be held accountable.”

W Ketchup was founded to give Americans a choice of ketchup, and a choice not to support Heinz, or Teresa Heinz, John Kerry, and their anti-American liberal agendas. Unlike some other brands of ketchup, W Ketchup is made in America for Americans with American ingredients, and is sold only in America.

Founded in 2004, W Ketchup™ is a private company that makes ketchup in America solely from ingredients grown in the USA and does not support any liberal agendas. Unlike other leading brands, W Ketchup does not own any subsidiaries that harm dolphins. For more information contact 1-866-WKETCHUP, or write to 954 Lexington Ave, #236, New York, NY 10021-5013.

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