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Venezuelan Strongman Chooses Revolution Over ABC Correspondent

Eagle Bridge, NY — March 19, 2007 — On Friday, ABC’s 20/20 aired an interview between Barbara Walters and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Chavez was elected President of Venezuela in 1998 after a failing to gain power in an attempted coup in 1992. In 2002 Chavez survived one coup and two assassination attempts, having been warned by the U.S. ambassador about the plots. He later blamed the United States for all three episodes.

The Venezuelan people organized a recall vote in 2004, in which Chavez’s victory was certified by former President Jimmy Carter. Statisticians from MIT and Harvard demonstrated a 99% probability that the results were fraudulent. Last year, in a speech to the in the UN General Assembly, President Chavez called President Bush “the devil,” which was received with wild applause.

Barbara Walters introduced President Chavez as “warm and friendly,” and called him a “dignified man” and “a gentleman.” Walters then asked: “You are not married now. Do you want to marry or are you married to the revolution?” Chavez politely declined the offer, but assured Walters with a smile that “I have a heart here, and I also have blood running through my veins.” Finally, Walters asked Chavez what message he would like to send to the American people.

In 2003, during the months before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, disgraced CBS news correspondent Dan Rather interviewed dictator Saddam Hussein, asking: “What’s the most important thing you want the American people to understand, at this important juncture of history?”

Dan Oliver, CEO of W Ketchup, reacted: “On Friday we saw the liberal media establishment interview yet another tyrant. These interviews have established a familiar pattern with the correspondent asking the dictator to send a message to the American people. It seems the liberal media’s new function is to be a mouthpiece for America’s enemies.”

Bill Zachary, Chairman of W Ketchup, added: “The release last week of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession to masterminding the 9/11 attacks, as well as a string of other planned terrorist activities, should remind us all what a dangerous world we live in. We at W Ketchup thank our troops for keeping us safe, and condemn the liberal media for making us less so.”

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