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CBS Correspondent Disparages American Freedom

Eagle Bridge, NY — August 14, 2006 — Last night 60 Minutes broadcast an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by CBS Correspondent Mike Wallace. Mr. Wallace’s first question was: “What do you think of George Bush, as a man, and as commander-in-chief of the so-called free-world,” to which President Ahmadinejad replied: “Well the ‘so-called’ says everything.” In describing Ahmadinejad afterwards, Wallace said “He’s an impressive fellow, this guy. He really is.”

In 1982, Mike Wallace interviewed General Westmoreland, who then sued Wallace and CBS for libel and damages of $120 million. CBS later settled with Westmoreland. In 2004, Wallace assaulted a New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission inspector and was arrested.

W Ketchup CEO Dan Oliver commented: “Watching Mr. Wallace interview mad-man President Ahmadinejad brought back memories of disgraced CBS News correspondent Dan Rather ‘interviewing’ Saddam Hussein. Every American who has ever defended our country and our liberties should be appalled by Mr. Wallace, CBS News, and the entire liberal media establishment. We invite Mr. Wallace to explain how the ‘so-called’ freedoms in the countries under the guidance of Western Civilization compare with those in the Islamic world.”

In mid-June, the New York Times chose to publish the details of U.S. tactics used to monitor how terrorists finance their activities, even after government officials, including leftist-Congressman John Murtha, requested they not expose the anti-terrorist program.

Bill Zachary, chairman of W Ketchup, commented, “These actions that the mainstream media have taken against American interests in the war against terror should be seen for what they are: traitorous. We’re proud to support the Freedom Alliance Scholarship fund and the men and women who defend our country. It is scandalous that these liberal elites undermine the work they do.”

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