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W Ketchup™ Donates Ketchup to the Minuteman Project

Eagle Bridge, NY — May 1, 2006 — Today W Ketchup announced it has donated delicious W Ketchup to the Minuteman Project, a citizens’ group dedicated to defending our borders. The ketchup will be delivered to Crawford, TX, home of President Bush, where the Minuteman Caravan will be located on May 6.

W Ketchup Chairman Bill Zachary commented: “While the rest of us talk about the immigration issue, the Minutemen sacrifice their time and comfort to stand up for and protect our country. We are proud to send them some delicious ketchup to make their Caravan more enjoyable.”

During his ill-fated campaign for the presidency, John Kerry attacked President Bush for not having a clear immigration plan. Last year, Kerry voted in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and against funding for additional border agents.

Teresa Heinz, who was born in Mozambique, has donated money from the Heinz Foundations to support the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, a radical group that has joined with the Open Society Institute to help organize the recent protests by illegal immigrants. The Open Society Institute is backed by billionaire George Soros, who was born in Hungary with the name Schwartz György.

W Ketchup CEO Dan Oliver commented: “When foreign-born billionaires like Mrs. Heinz and Mr. Soros join forces to flood our country with outsiders, all Americans should be wary. Previous immigrants came to America to become Americans, not to break our laws, march in the streets, and change our language and our way of life. The Minuteman Project is supported by average Americans instead of foreign-born billionaires, and we salute their efforts. To quote President Bush, we love America because it’s full of Americans.”

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