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W Ketchup™ Hails Bush for Appointing Roberts to the Supreme Court

Eagle Bridge, NY — September 29, 2005 — W Ketchup congratulates Justice Roberts on his ascension to the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and hails President Bush for honoring his campaign promise to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

W Ketchup believes that Americans can make up their own minds on how to live and which ketchup to enjoy without liberal judges telling them. Having a chief justice who believes in the limited role of the courts helps preserve all of our freedoms.

“I’m particularly impressed that Roberts condemns the now fashionable use of foreign law to decide American cases,” commented CEO Dan Oliver. “If Justice Breyer is so enamored of Zimbabwe law, which he has cited in a recent Supreme Court case, maybe he should move there and let Bush appoint another justice who will interpret the law of the United States,” he continued.

Justice Roberts has taken the helm of the judicial branch of government at the tender age of 50, promising decades of service to protect the freedoms we all enjoy, especially the freedom to enjoy delicious W Ketchup with its smooth rich flavor, unlike the harsh, vinegary taste of its main competitor.


Founded in 2004, W Ketchup™ is a private company that makes ketchup in America solely from ingredients grown in the USA and does not support the Democratic Party. For more information visit or contact 1-866-WKETCHUP.

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